Denise, HR Manager & Company Secretary at the Ecology Building Society, tells us more about why they’ve chosen to support us at this time.

Who are the Ecology Building Society?

Ecology Building Society are a Silsden-based building society dedicated to improving the environment by supporting and promoting ecological building practices and sustainable communities.  When members save with us, they do so knowing that their money is being used to help build a more sustainable future.  Our impact isn’t about the profit we make – it’s about the difference we make to the environment and to communities across the UK. Since Ecology was established in 1981 we’ve lent to over 3,500 projects, supporting individuals, charities, environmental businesses and community-led housing organisations to realise their sustainable living ambitions.  In 2020 we lent £39.3 million to support 230 sustainable properties and projects.

Why have you chosen to support Mind in Bradford?

We established a Social and Charity Committee in 2019 with the aim of bringing colleagues together to raise funds to support charities that resonate with us.  Colleagues were asked to nominate charities that we could potentially support and then we held a vote!  Our colleagues chose to support two charities – Mind in Bradford and the Canal & River Trust. We wanted to promote positive mental health activities and awareness as well as raise funds to help fund mental health services in our vicinity. We recognise how Covid has amplified these issues and the mental health challenges that people of all generations are experiencing and, having raised funds last year, we wanted to continue supporting this year.

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